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Out Skerries put on 2 parties on 1 weekend that celebrated both Halloween and Bonfire night.
Many Bairns attended all of which came in fancy dress, they came dressed as Frankenstein, Werewolf, Skeleton, Witch, Dracula even Sonic the Hedgehog and Winnie the Pooh came to join in the fun.

Traditional games like Apple Bobbing, Donut Dangling and Mummy Wrap were played. Our Fancy Dress competition was judged by a full size Gorilla and prizes were given out to all the Winners.

As the afternoon turned into night we were encouraged to go outside into the autumn night and enjoy some Bonfire night delights. The Bonfire was HUGE and kept us all nice and warm. Many Ohhhhhh and Aweeeee were heard as we watch a fantastic firework display that light up the night sky.

We would like to THANK everyone who came to make our event so successful and memorable.

The weather may of stopped our 'It's a Skerries Knockout' event happening outside, but that did not stop all that attended having a AMAZING TIME. The day was filled will so much energy, excitement and lots and lots of laughter. THANK YOU to everyone that came to make this day memorable.
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the 'Kool Kids' who came out victorious at this year 'It's a Skerries Knockout'

Easter 2018

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who came and supported the Skerries Development Group (SDG) Easter Eggstravaganza 2018.

We had around 100 people turn up which was a thrill to see and many told saod that this is like the good old days which was wonderful to hear.

Our new bouncy castle was a MASSIVE success and you will certainly be seeing it in the near future.

Out Skerries development group would like to publicity thank the Postcode Community Trust for kindly agreeing to fund our up and coming First Aid course. (March 2018)

We believe that the more people within our community we can train to be first aider will mean a safer and healthier place for all.

Christmas 2017

Santa wants to THANK everyone who came to see him in 2017 and wishes everyone a wonderful and prosperous 2018.